Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage

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If you find yourself needing some extra storage space before, during or after a move, Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage has many options for you. We offer your first 30 days of storage free to guarantee your satisfaction with our services. We offer:

  • Climate-controlled storage units
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Residential storage
  • Commercial storage
Our customers have utilized our storage services because we:
  • Offer you your first month free to ensure our service is right for you
  • Will load and unload your possessions
  • Have flexible long or short-term storage options
For more information on the storage solutions we can offer you, please call us our moving representative at (530) 668-1007 or fill out our free online quote form.


Secure warehouse storage with Yolo is the perfect solution for those who are temporarily relocating. Having your items stored by our full-service movers means you don’t have to worry about your belongings through any situation, whether you have a relocation for work that’s only meant to last a year or you moved to a new city but are just staying somewhere temporarily while you look for a more permanent home. With us, you never have to worry about damages! We have climate-controlled warehouse storage that is under surveillance 24/7, giving you the peace of mind you deserve after a big move.

Moving and Storage Services – Are They For Me?

There are many reasons to seek out long-term or short-term storage services. Here are some reasons may be and why you may benefit from reliable and affordable storage solutions from Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage:
  • Temporary Downsizing: It can be tough to get the timing right when buying and selling a home. It’s very possible that you will sell your home before you find the right home for you. Whether you’re living with family or you get a short-term lease during this period, you’ll have to do something with your belongings. With Yolo’s full-service storage, our crew will pack your items up from your original home, store them for you, then take them to your new home when you get it.
  • Moving Abroad: We are proud agents of Bekins Van Lines. With hundreds of agents across the globe, we will be able to store your items wherever your international move may be taking you.
  • Office Storage: There are many reasons why you may have to store furniture, documents and tech for your office. You may be changing locations due to rightsizing, expansion, or relocation. Warehouse storage can also help with records management, keeping all your archived documents in one secure place.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Flexibility is key. That’s why we offer a uniquely tailored moving plan that takes into consideration your timeline and budget. Our warehouse storage options for local and long-distance moves for both residential and commercial customers will ensure that we have the best warehouse storage solutions for you.

Residential Storage

There are many reasons why residential customers may choose to store their items. Just to name a few:
  • Many families choose to store their household items while they’re looking for a permanent home.
  • Often, people will choose to use our storage services while they prepare for home-staging to sell their house.
  • When the situation arises where a family may need to temporarily downsize, it can be cost-effective to store their larger items rather than buy new ones when they have room in the future.

Office Storage

In addition to residential storage solutions, we also offer commercial storage options. If your office is moving locations, you’re rightsizing during the boom of remote working, or you just need to declutter your office, Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage can assist you with storing your important documents, electronics, furniture, and anything else you need put aside. If your office has limited space, but you want to keep a physical archive of documents, storing with Yolo is a great way to save office space while keeping your records secure, organized, and on-hand.

Preparing to Move

If your move has you placing items into long-term storage, you may want to consider asking about our packing services. Packing, and unpacking, can be the most tedious parts of a move. Why not save yourself all that stress and time by hiring the professional packers of Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage? We offer you affordable packing solutions so you can spend more time focusing on the details of your move and less time wrestling with boxes, tote carts and packing material. Regardless of the size and number of boxes and totes you need to have moved, we’ll take care of the loading, transportation and unloading at your new destination.

Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage — What You Can Expect

When you choose to move with Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage, we want to provide you with the most comprehensive plan possible to help your move by providing storage solutions that best fit what you need. For more information on the storage solutions we can offer you, please call us at (530) 668-1007 to reach a moving representative or fill out our free online quote form today.