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These guys were awesome. I was really stressed about the move and all my plant babies (some 8-9ft tall) and we had zero casualties!! They even helped me put together a patio day bed that I had delivered to the new place… can’t say enough great things about them!! They also never stopped… 7am- 5pm no breaks and 3 flights of stairs at my new apartment I don’t know how they did it!! 11/10 best moving experience I’ve ever had THANK YOU
Movers were kind, helpful, and efficient.
Highly recommend, they are very professional and dependable. Clayton is hardworking, and knowledgeable. Thanks!!
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California In-State Movers

Moving for the First Time?

Starting your move begins with getting a quote from a moving company, which is crucial for understanding your costs and budgeting. When you’ve chosen your movers, they’ll pair you up with a dedicated moving specialist. They will be your go-to person for any questions or updates. They’ll give you an Order of Service outlining your chosen services and their respective costs. If you decide on packing services, a team will come to your home or office a few days before the move to carefully pack your items. On the day of your move, your moving crew will load everything onto the truck and hand you the Bill of Lading. This checklist of all your items states how they looked before the move, so you can tick them off as they’re unloaded at your new home or office. After everything’s unloaded and in the right rooms, you’ll conclude the move by signing off on the Bill of Lading with the crew leader.

California In-State Moving FAQ

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Our California In-State Moving Services

  • Residential & Commercial Moves

    Whether you are moving homes or offices, we can make your California Move seamless

  • Packing & Unpacking Services

    For an additional fee, our packing team will come to your home or office to carefully pack up your belongings for a damage-free move.

  • Specialty Moving Services

    We specialize in moving specialty items like gun safes, pianos, antiques, artwork, and more, so your items will be in experienced hands.

  • Warehouse Storage Services

    Our climate-controlled, 65,000 sq ft warehouse is under 24/7 surveillance to ensure your items are protected.

What is the Cost of a California In-State Move from Sacramento?

The cost of an in-state move from Sacramento is influenced by various factors, leading to a wide range of prices between $500 and $5,000. Key factors impacting the cost include the distance of the move, the volume and nature of items being moved, and additional services like packing, special handling for fragile items, and storage requirements. The lower end of this price range generally covers smaller, local moves, while the higher end covers larger homes or more complex, long-distance moves within the state.

At Yolo Transfer, our 50+ years of experience serving the Sacramento area allows us to provide very accurate quotes. A 2-bedroom household move within 50 miles of our office usually costs anywhere from $900 to $2,500, depending on the volume of items that need moving. As the third largest state in the country, California spans 163,696 square miles in size, meaning that distance plays a large factor in pricing for in-state moves. Therefore, a 2-bedroom household move from Sacramento to San Francisco is going to cost less than a 2-bedroom household move to Los Angeles based purely on the distance traveled. We offer free estimates to help you understand the potential costs of your move.

For Yolo Transfer, providing accurate and transparent pricing is a top priority. Our team will either complete an in-home or virtual survey of your home to assess each aspect of your moving needs. This survey includes everything from the size of your property to your specific requirements to provide a tailored and detailed quote. This approach ensures you receive a fair and accurate estimate, free of hidden charges, making your moving planning process smoother and more predictable. Get your free moving estimate with Yolo Transfer today by completing our online estimate request form or calling us at (530) 668-1007.

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Do Moving Companies in Sacramento, California, Have the Proper Licenses and Insurance?

In California, moving companies are required to hold a specific state license, known as the MTR (Motor Transport Regulation) or Cal-T license, for the legal operation of in-state moves. This license ensures the company adheres to California’s stringent moving regulations and standards, offering customers a measure of security and professionalism. You can verify your mover’s in-state moving license by using’s Household Moving License Lookup.  In addition, it is the industry standard for moving companies to hold both general liability and worker’s comp insurance policies.

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage, holding California license number MTR 0189819, fully complies with state and federal regulations. We are an interstate agent of Bekin’s Van Lines and operate under their USDOT number 2256609 for out-of-state moves. In addition, we hold general liability and worker’s comp insurance policies to protect all parties involved in the move. Our possession of these licenses is a testament to our commitment to legality, professionalism, and customer security in all our moving services.

Are Packing and Unpacking Services Offered by California Moving Companies?

Full-service moving companies commonly offer packing and unpacking services to streamline the moving process. These services range from full packing of all household items to partial packing support for select items. Companies also often provide necessary packing materials and offer customized solutions based on the client’s needs. This flexibility allows moving customers to choose the level of assistance that best suits their situation.

Yolo has been offering comprehensive packing and unpacking services since we were founded in 1973. Our team is skilled in handling many types of items, as proven by our 2021 Super Service Award by Angi,  ensuring their safety and security during the move. If you opt for our packing services, we will send a packing crew to your home or office at a scheduled time a few days before the move. We will come with everything they need to pack your items: boxes of all sizes, specialty boxes (i.e., dishware boxes, wardrobe boxes), tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and more. We will wrap everything and can pack as many or as few items as you choose. Our services are tailored to you, allowing you to choose full or partial packing assistance according to your preferences and requirements.

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How Do Sacramento Moving Companies Keep My Belongings Safe?

Sacramento moving companies typically employ a variety of strategies to ensure the safety and security of your belongings during transit. These strategies include using high-quality packing materials, employing experienced and trained movers, and utilizing techniques for secure loading and transportation. Most moving companies utilize moving blankets, moving straps, and reinforced dollies to move things securely as well.

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage prioritizes the safety of your items. We trained our team in the latest packing and moving techniques, ensuring that every item, from fragile pieces to bulky furniture, is handled with care. We use premium packing materials and methods tailored to the specific needs of your belongings. As a member of the California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA), our focus on safety is evident in every step of the moving process, providing you with the assurance that your items are secure with us.

How Long Does an Average Move From Sacramento Take?

The duration of a move from Sacramento varies significantly based on factors such as the distance of the move, the amount of items being moved, and the level of preparation involved. Local moves might take a day or two, while more extensive in-state moves could take up to a week or two, especially if they are over 500 miles. The complexity of the move, including access issues and special handling requirements for large or delicate items, can also impact the timeline.

Similar to pricing, the timing of a move largely depends on the distance between the old and new homes. Since California is so large in size, many in-state moves are over 500 miles, which is more common in out-of-state moves than in-state moves. For moves over 500 miles, it is best to allow one day for loading the truck, another day for unloading the truck, and an additional day for every 500 miles traveled. If you add packing services or specialty items to your move, both of those will increase the time it takes to complete the move.

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage strives to conduct efficient and timely moves. Our experienced team plans meticulously, considering all aspects of your move to provide a realistic and efficient timeline. We work diligently to ensure that your move is completed within the estimated timeframe while maintaining our high standards of service and care. In addition, we provide you with an estimated moving timeline when you request a quote from us. This way, you have all the information you need to choose the best moving company for you. Start your moving journey today by requesting your free quote through our online form or giving us a call at (530) 668-1007.

Can Sacramento Moving Companies Move Specialty Items Like Antiques, Pianos, or Gun Safes?

Sacramento moving companies are often equipped to handle specialty items like antiques, pianos, and gun safes. These items require specialized knowledge and equipment to move safely, including custom packing and handling techniques. Experienced movers understand the value and delicacy of such items and take extra precautions to ensure their safe transport.

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage specializes in moving delicate and heavy items, such as antiques, pianos, and gun safes of any weight. Proven with our A+ rating from the BBB, our team is trained and equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure these items are moved safely and securely, respecting their value and fragility. We take every precaution to protect these items during the move, offering peace of mind to our customers.

Our membership with the Preferred Movers Network is a testament to our unmatched level of service in Sacramento. Many of our competitors choose not to offer specialty moving services as they have an associated risk with them. Those who do move specialty items like gun safes often have a maximum weight they can move. With our 50+ years of experience and expertise in moving, we are proud to offer gun safe moves of any weight. Our expertly trained team uses equipment like hand trucks, stair climbers, heavy-duty appliance dollies, pallet jacks, and moving blankets to protect your gun safe and its surrounding environment during the relocation. For more information, we invite you to check out our gun safe movers page.

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What Storage Options Do California Moving Companies Offer?

California moving companies often provide a range of storage options to accommodate the varying needs of their clients. These options include short-term storage for transitional periods and long-term storage for more extended needs. Facilities are typically secure, climate-controlled, and offer flexible access. These storage solutions are particularly useful for clients who need to store belongings during home renovations, downsizing, or delayed move-in dates.

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage offers warehouse storage solutions focusing on flexibility and security. Our 65,000-square-foot warehouse is temperature-controlled and features 24/7 surveillance, ensuring the safety and preservation of your belongings. Whether you need storage for a brief or extended timeframe, our facilities are equipped to meet your needs.

How Do Sacramento Moving Companies Offer Customer Service Before, During, and After the Move?

Sacramento moving companies are known for providing comprehensive customer service throughout the moving process. This service includes personalized consultations, consistent communication, and tailored advice before the move. During the move, customers can expect ongoing support and coordination, ensuring a smooth process. After the move, companies often follow up to address any issues and gather feedback, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

At Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage, each customer is paired with a dedicated moving specialist. This specialist is your primary contact before, during, and after your move, offering personalized and responsive service. They work closely with you to understand your needs, coordinate all aspects of the move, and provide post-move support, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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