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Since 1973, we’ve been moving customers of all kinds, including offices. We have an expert team who know what it takes to relocate a business, small or large. Whether you’re relocating down the hall or to a new building, Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage can help you. We:

  • Help you move with minimal downtime
  • Manage your move to maximize manpower
  • Offer assistance after the move to get you settled

We offer a litany of services relating to commercial relocation, so whatever you need we can help you.

  • Warehouse distribution
  • Medical asset management
  • Industrial or office equipment moving
  • File and server relocation

…and many more. For more information, fill out our free online estimate form or feel free to call us at (530) 668-1007.

Since 1973, Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage has managed hundreds of successful moves. Over time, we’ve been able to refine our moving and storage practices to give our customers a more comprehensive and stress-free move. Office moves are no exception. At Yolo Transfer, we have a team with expertise in relocating small to large businesses and provide expert assistance during the moving process.

Whether you’re relocating down the hall, reconfiguring your current space or moving into a completely new building, Yolo Transfer knows just what to do help minimize downtime and ease stress.

Office Moving Made Easy

How can we help? At Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage, our office moving division specializes in moving your high-valued fixtures reliably and with effective transportation and storage if needed.

Whether you need special handling for sensitive equipment such as company files or electronics or other commodities for your team, Yolo Transfer gives you flexible, cost-effective solutions to virtually all your office moving and storage needs!

As a full-service office moving company, we make sure that we exceed your expectations, providing both experience and flexibility to ensure your business continues running smoothly while you plan your move and settle into your new office.

Enjoy benefits from Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage such as:

    • Pre-Move Planning — When you fill out our free estimate form, you gain access to a moving representative. You and our representative will work alongside each other to determine things like the services you require, the timeline of your move and your budget.
    • Move Management — No matter the size of the office, big or small, we know how to delegate to maximize manpower. Plus, we have all the right packing materials and equipment to completely manage your move.
    • Moving Day — The day of your move shouldn’t have to be chaotic, especially with any last-minute details. Our goal is to ensure you have a seamless and hassle-free move. Our moving coordinator will be on site, providing you with updates while they monitor the move.
    • Post-Move Assistance — As you and your team settle into your new space, additional changes or reconfigurations (e.g., FF&E installation) may still be required. Our goal is to provide you and your team with minimal disruptions and downtime. Our moving coordinator’s job is to make sure your move is successfully taken care of until the end.

  • Additional Services for Moving Your Office

    Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company. In addition to our commercial relocation services, we offer additional move management services that can be added to your move plan:

    • Warehouse Distribution Services
    • Industrial and Office Moving
    • Medical Asset Management
    • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Moving
    • Library Moving
    • Project Management
    • Industrial and Office Equipment Moving
    • National Move Management
    • Corporate Relocation
    • File and Server Relocation


    Office Move Checklist

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  • Now that you’ve found a great new office, all that’s missing is an office move checklist to help you plan the big move. We understand that the moving process can be deeply overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a set of items you will need to take care of or consider before your office move:

    • Plan Your Move: Determine your budget. If you’re not working with unlimited funds, it’s best if you make a plan of what you will spend for things like movers, packing supplies and equipment, setup costs and additional services.
    • Appoint a Moving Manager: Choose someone internally that you trust to lead the moving efforts. These people will generally have a skill set related to logistics and company-wide communication.
    • Research and Hire Professional Movers: Ensure that the movers you’ve chosen are fully licensed and insured. Additionally, look into any moving insurance or liability protection you may need.
    • Create a Moving Layout and Schedule: Now that you’ve found your new office, you’ll want to design a layout and schedule for your new office. Post the layouts and schedule around the office to ensure your entire team and our moving team understand where certain items need to be placed.
    • Check Current and New Lease Details: Determine when you need to be out of your old office and when you can be in your new one. Discuss with your current lease owner if there will be any extra things to take care of upon moving out. This can help with any unwanted surprises, both financial and physical, that may arise.
    • Communicate with Your Team: Lastly, communicate your entire plan with your team. It’s easier to plan a successful move if all the moving parts have the information necessary to accomplish this arduous task.

    Affordable Office Solutions from Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage

    Years of experience have afforded us the opportunity to understand the complex ins and outs of the moving process. Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage is dedicated to quality customer care and service. We will treat your move as we’d treat our own, with the utmost care, reliability and affordability.

    For more information regarding our office moving services, fill out our free online estimate form or feel free to contact us at (530) 668-1007.