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Are you a small or large organization in Davis, CA looking to relocate your entire office? Tired of endlessly searching for “office movers near me”? Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage trains their office movers to quickly, safely and efficiently move office furniture, equipment, and sensitive documents. We will work diligently for you on nights and weekends to minimize downtime as well! Moving an office with valuable equipment poses a potential for loss and damage. Fortunately, we’re an experienced professional office moving company that can help you execute an office move properly and reduce the risks! It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating within the same building or moving the whole office out of state, you can trust the office movers at Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage. If you have need of a professional office moving company like us, fill out our free quote form or call us today at (530) 668-1007.

Moving Checklist

If you’re unsure of where or how to start, simply follow our handy checklist that we’ve compiled below. This will help get you started in the right direction:
  1. Determine Your Budget: Make a plan based on services and costs such as, movers, packing supplies and equipment, setup costs and additional services.
  2. Appoint a Leader: Choose someone internally that will most likely have a skill set related to logistics and communication.
  3. Research and Hire Professional Movers: Ensure that the movers you’ve chosen are fully licensed and insured and look for any red flags.
  4. Create a Moving Layout and Schedule: Now that you’ve found your new office, you’ll want implement a layout and schedule for your new office to help you or your movers know where to place your items.
  5. Check Current and New Lease Details: Discuss with your current lease owner that you have your precise move-in/move-out date. This simple check can help with questions such as, “Does the move have to occur after 5PM?”
  6. New Location: Does your new location restrict times for moving, require use of certain elevators or have specific parking for trucks? Double check before finalizing any moving plans.
  7. Communicate with Your Team: Lastly, communicate your entire plan with your team. It’s easier to plan a successful move if all the parts know what’s going on.

Office Moving Procedure

Once you’ve chosen Yolo Transfer to help you move, you’re likely wondering what our moving company’s moving procedure is like. In short, the process to move offices is similar to all other moving processes:
  1. Quote Consultation: When you reach out to Yolo Transfer, you have the choice of an in-office or virtual estimate. Whichever you choose, a moving agent will discuss details like how big your office is and where you’re moving to and from.
  2. Walkthrough: Whether virtual or in-person, you and your surveyor will work together to iron out the logistics including timeline, floor plan and obstacles to overcome. All while minimizing disruption to your daily work schedule.
  3. Packing: Some offices will have their employees pack their personal work station while the professional movers handle the electronics, computers and IT systems. Fortunately, Yolo Transfer can do both. Our goal is to move you as efficiently as possible so you can get back to work quickly.
  4. Moving: Our movers will physically haul your boxes and load them onto our trucks for transport. We’ll use helpful moving equipment that won’t result in physical injury, so we’d recommend letting us take care of the heavy lifting.
  5. Unpacking: Once the old office has been moved out of, our professional movers can even help you unpack at your new place. Let us know where you’d like your equipment and workstations and we’ll be happy to help!

Office Moving Quote

Depending on the type of business and the size of your organization, you may require services that are either small or large in nature, and since 1973 we have helped all businesses throughout Davis, CA no matter their size. Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage is dedicated to quality customer care and service. We will treat your move as we’d treat our own, with reliability and affordability. For more information regarding our office moving services, fill out our free quote form or feel free to contact us at (530) 668-1007.