Moving homes can be a fun and exciting journey, but it also comes with its fair share of uncertainties and questions. One big one everyone always has is how much will it cost? In a city like Sacramento, moving can vary a lot due to many factors. Like this city and its neighborhoods, every Sacramento move is unique, and so is the price. This comprehensive guide is here to help answer all your questions regarding moving in Sacramento. From local moves to long-distance ones, we’re here to help you plan the price of your move. The last thing anyone wants is unexpected expenses from places often overlooked, like packing and storage fees. We dive into detail to help you know what to expect when trying to budget for your move. We offer information on moving quotes, budgeting for your move, and locating affordable movers.

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How Much Does Professional Moving Services Cost in Sacramento

How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Sacramento

When planning a local move in Sacramento, you must be mindful of all the costs involved. Pricing from each professional mover can vary a lot due to factors such as the size of the move, the distance you have to travel, and even the additional moving services you’ll need. The cost for local moves in Sacramento ranges from about $449 to $4,259, at about $130 an hour. While this can change depending on the specific move, this rate typically covers the labor involved in loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. Again, the overall cost hinges on factors like the move’s duration, the number of movers needed, and any required supplementary services or equipment. Moves requiring multiple trips or moving special or large items will take more planning and thus cost more. Additionally, some moving companies have minimum charge policies that will affect the overall cost of smaller moves.

How Much Does a Long-Distance Move Cost To or From Sacramento

Long-distance moving in Sacramento is noticeably different from local moves and comes with a different pricing structure. This price is normally calculated by the distance traveled and the size/weight of the items transported. For moves to and from Sacramento, we find that long distance cost falls somewhere between $4,200 to $6,300 on average. This price range accounts for the different distances and scopes of moves and the many different kinds of services offered by moving companies. How to price long distance moves is complicated. As previously noted, variables like the total distance and the size of the shipment, paired with services such as packing, unpacking, and storage, are crucial in shaping the final expense. Ultimately, it depends on where you’re moving to. Longer, heavier trips will cost more, and shorter, lighter trips will cost less. Moving from a studio down the coast will cost less than moving from a mansion across the country. That’s why looking at comprehensive quotes from multiple moving companies is important to understand what you’ll spend regarding services and total costs.

How Much Are Packing Services in Sacramento

Packing services provide a helpful option for those getting ready to move. However, the cost can change due to many factors, but, usually, packing services cost between $60-$80 an hour. This rate is subject to change based on the complexity of the packing process, the amount of materials needed, and the number of packers. Choosing a more extensive packing service, including boxes, tape, and protective materials, may increase costs.

How Much Does Sacramento Moving Storage Cost

When preparing for a move in Sacramento, it’s important to factor in the warehouse storage cost, as it can significantly impact your relocation expenses. Typically, these storage expenses are separate from the overall moving costs and are determined by the number of storage vaults utilized. The price range for warehouse storage in Sacramento typically falls between $50 and $300 per month, depending on the specific storage requirements and the number of vaults you’ll need. Warehouse vaults present a reliable and effective solution for storing and keeping your possessions safe while you move. Each vault serves as its own designated space within the warehouse, offering a contained and protected area for your belongings. The cost per vault may vary based on factors such as climate control and security measures. The cost will naturally increase for individuals or with more items requiring storage. It’s important to accurately assess your storage needs, considering both the volume and nature of the items to be stored. This helps determine the required number of vaults and the overall storage cost. We recommend asking your chosen storage company about any potential hidden or additional fees that could impact the total cost. These can be discounts for long-term storage or charges for accessing your stored items during the set storage period.

How Do I Find An Affordable Mover In Sacramento?

How to Find the Right Moving Company

Finding the Sacramento moving company that’s right for you requires thorough research and insight into where to look. You want to find a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-quality service. You can start by looking at resources and platforms offering insights into various moving companies’ prices, reputations, and available services. Here’s where to look first:
  • Ratings and Reviews: Websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews give customer feedback on moving companies. You can use the ratings to filter out bad and low-quality moving services.
  • Personal Recommendations: Another way is to use referrals from trusted individuals. Ask people who have recently moved about their experience.
  • Professional Moving Associations: Look for companies partnered with professional moving associations. These often have a certain standard of service and are more trusted.
After you’ve made a list of all your potential movers, you’ll need to research each company. Examine their credentials and verify their licenses, check their insurance policies, and search for hidden fees that might be obscure. Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best option. Again, you want to find that balance of price and quality. By researching and comparing your options, you can find a moving company like Yolo Transfer that delivers a blend of affordability and top-tier service, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective move in Sacramento.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring Cheap Movers

In the process of selecting an affordable and reliable mover in Sacramento, it’s important to stay on guard for potential red flags. These can signify a less reputable or even fraudulent moving company. Finding these warnings early on could mean the difference between getting scammed or extorted. These are some of the common red flags of fake, fraudulent moving companies:
  • No Licenses or Insurance: Licenses are required for moving companies to operate legally. But this doesn’t stop companies from falsifying their license numbers. It is always recommended you run their numbers through official databases to check.
  • Large, Up-Front Deposits: Usually, legitimate movers don’t require large, up-front deposits before moves. This may be a sign you are getting scammed.
  • Lack of Estimates: If a moving company won’t quote you how much a move will cost, or if they provide a vague idea without an actual assessment, be careful and seek other movers.
  • Generic Name: Companies with very generic names may be fronts that change often in order to avoid responsibility and scam potential customers.
  • Bad Reviews: Reviews are a sure way to tell whether a company has a positive reputation. If a moving company has a lot of positive reviews that provide specifics, it is likely a reputable business.
These are some, but not all, red flags one must look out for when choosing a moving company. Taking time to carefully vet your moving company can make all the difference in returning your belongings safely. If something feels illegitimate about a company, it’s important not to dismiss that feeling and trust your gut instinct. Doing this will lead you to choose an affordable Sacramento mover that is right for you.

The Difference between Full-Service and Labor-Only Moving

Deciding whether to use full-service or labor-only moving is an important choice to make when planning your Sacramento move. Learning the difference between the two will help you budget effectively. The following are some details you will want to consider: Full-Service:
  • Higher Cost: More services provided means it’s more expensive.
  • More services: Often includes loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and transportation of all your goods.
  • Saves Time: Since most of this is taken care of for you, you save a lot of time and stress.
  • Hands-Off: Professionals handle the process from start to finish; you don’t have to worry about anything in between.
  • Lower Cost: Less expensive due to the lack of services like transportation.
  • Only Basic Services: Usually only involves loading and unloading. You normally even have to procure your transportation or storage pod.
  • More Effort: Since it saves money, you are left with the most heavy lifting when planning the move.
  • More Control: You have control over the entire process and can make your move exactly how you want it.
Choosing between these options involves several factors, including budget and personal preference. Though cheaper than the Full-Service moving option, even if you have a large budget but like to be in control, you may want to choose the labor-only moving option if you have the time. Full-Service is the easiest and most stress-free of the options listed. From start to finish, the movers take care of the entire process. This option is recommended to those who want a stressless experience and those undergoing large, long-distance moves. It is more expensive, but worth it for the higher convenience. Whichever option you choose, it will come down to which factors you value: ease, cost-savings, and control. Weighing these against each other will show you what plan is right for you.

Planning a Moving Budget in Sacramento

Moving Quotes: Getting and Understanding Them

Getting and understanding a moving quote is an important first step when organizing your move. To do this, you begin by contacting various moving companies and requesting quotes from them. The more details they provide in the quotes, the closer it will be to your final bill. Here are some steps you can follow:
  • Research Movers: As with all first steps, it begins with research to find reputable moving companies you are interested in.
  • Provide Information: The more you provide, the better they can make your quote. These details include the size of the home, the number of items, and unique provisions for any special items you may have.
  • Request Quotes: Next is to reach out for a quote from all the movers you are interested in. More movers means more quotes to compare for the best price and service.
  • Make Sure You Understand Your Quote: Quotes only mean something if you understand them. Ensure you understand if a quote is binding or non-binding and any further details.
  • Ask About Hidden Fees: Many companies will try to trick you with a low price, only to get you with hidden fees later. Make sure you ask about additional charges for things like storage, long distances (carrying and shipping), and large items.
Once you have gathered all this information, you can compare which companies offer the best services. Be careful to weigh the quoted price and the factors discussed above, such as whether a quote is binding or non-binding. A higher binding quote may be worth more than a lower, non-binding one. In addition, checking hidden fees and double-checking that you have provided the necessary information are all things you need to check before making a final decision. With these factors in place, you can take the next steps and select the best moving company for your Sacramento move.

How to Budget for Unexpected Moving Costs

No one can see the unforeseeable. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared. When planning a Sacramento move, you must budget all your expected costs but also have a buffer for unexpected costs. When budgeting, adding extra funds to cover unexpected expenses is recommended. This cushion is recommended to be around 5%-10% of your total budget. This fund covers any repairs, supplies, and services needed at the last minute. Some more common unexpected costs come from those hidden fees we told you to look out for. Fees from hoisting services, extra stops, long carries, and bulky items are all places companies can charge you extra, and you need to be prepared. Besides setting aside money, the best way to anticipate this is to ask your moving company many questions. Read the fine print of contracts, look at reviews to see where customers got charged, and talk to people who have used their services before. You can’t predict it all. That’s why it’s important to plan accordingly and set aside some money to cover those unexpected moving costs.

How to Estimate Your Utilities Cost For Your New Home

Another part of budgeting is estimating the cost of the new home you’re moving into. Utilities like gas, water, and electricity are all things you should know before you move. Utilities come in more forms; cable, trash, recycling, and internet are all things you will need to check to see if they are provided or if you need to pay for yourself. Many things go into the cost of utilities, so to get an accurate estimate, you will need to pay attention to the following:
  • Utility Providers: Getting in contact with local utility providers is the best way to get accurate information on how much your utilities are going to run you
  • Average Utility Costs: Finding the average cost of utilities in your final destination is another great way to get an idea of how much you’ll pay monthly.
  • Seasonal Variations: Cooling, heating, and gas are among the utilities that will cost you more depending on the season. It is important to be mindful of these and prepare accordingly.
  • Energy Efficiency: See if your home is energy efficient or not. The more it is, the lower you’ll pay on utilities.
  • Bundling Services: Pairing multiple utilities together can lower your price. See if any cable providers can bundle internet as well.
Once you know how much your utilities will cost, you can begin to make your budget. Taking your utilities into your moving budget can help eliminate stress after your move and give you an idea of your financial constraints when your Sacramento move is said and done. By researching and considering these expenses, you save yourself potential financial hardships later.


Planning is everything when it comes to moving in Sacramento. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared. Whether it be for unexpected expenses, hidden fees, or researching moving company quotes, the more research you do, the more you’ll save when it comes to your cost. Both long-distance and short moves come with their fair share of challenges, so it’s important to consider each aspect carefully. Following this guide, we are confident that you will choose a Sacramento moving company that is right for you and settle into your new home with ease. Remember, moving isn’t just about getting a new home but doing it with peace of mind and financial security as well.