How to Pack Dishware

When moving, dishes are some of the most intimidating items to pack. That is why we’re using our moving expertise to make this video guiding you through the process.

Tips on packing your dishware

It may cost a bit more for a Dish Box, but this specialty moving box is cheaper in the long run as it’s built to prevent damage. For glassware, use cell packs that you can fit each glass into. You will also want newsprint to use as padding. To start, you will want to line the bottom of the box with crumpled-up newsprint. Then, we can pack up plate and bowl sets. Wrap each dish individually first, before putting them together and wrapping the entire group as a set. We suggest 4 to 5 plates per set and 3 to 4 bowls per set. Place these in rows at the bottom of your dish pack. For glassware, you will want to stuff glasses with padding paper before wrapping them. Once wrapped, these can be placed upright into the cell pack. For wine glasses, be sure to wrap the stems generously.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still unsure about packing dishes, be sure to consider getting packing help from your movers. These professional movers are experts in minimizing potential damage to your dishes.