Two Men and a Truck Alternatives in Sacramento

3000 trucks on the road operating from 380 franchises in 4 different countries. Those are big numbers that show why Two Men and a Truck is the name-brand it is today. They are a huge piece of the moving industry, but just because they’re well-known doesn’t mean they are the perfect fit for what you need.

Three Sacramento Alternatives to Two Men and a Truck

It can be tough to look past the big-name franchises that crowd the front page of Google for searches like “movers near me”, but that may be what it takes to find your perfect moving company. To help, we put together this shortlist of movers that are great alternatives to Two Men and a Truck: Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage: / (530) 668-1007 / 1680 Tide Ct. Woodland, CA 95776 House to Home Moving: / (916) 484-1144 / 3298 Orange Grove Ave. Northern Highlands, CA 95660 Auburn Moving & Storage: / (916) 786-8683 / 10000 Hillview Rd. Newcastle, CA 95658 These alternatives are great options for independently owned, experienced movers who have a goal in mind of provider expert customer care. Though, how exactly do those qualities help your move?

Independently Owned and Operated

When you move with Two Men and a Truck, you aren’t dealing with an independently owned company. You’re dealing with a franchise, but why does that matter? The truth is that there is just more at stake for a moving company for an independently owned Sacramento moving company. This doesn’t always translate to better service, but the owners of the company have to provide efficient and effective moves in order to build their brand. On the flip side, franchisees are able to lean on the corporate brand. This gives them less of an incentive to provide you with the best moving services.

Dedicated to Professional Customer Service

Another result of being independently owned is that they may provide higher quality customer service. This can be the case for two reasons:
  • Independently owned businesses are more likely to be family-owned and operated. As a family company, there is often an extra level of care involved in how they treat each individual customer.
  • Similar to an earlier point, Two Men and a Truck owners won’t be hurt too much from providing poor customer service due to their national brand. Of course, that doesn’t mean that these franchises are inherently rude to customers. Instead, it means that moving companies like the ones on our list have more at stake when helping customers.
Professional customer care is necessary for a move. If you find yourself with questions you need to be kept in the loop with access to clear and immediate help.

Years of Moving & Storage Experience in the Sacramento Area

Two Men and a Truck has been moving since 1985. That sounds like a long time, but the truth is that they didn’t start moving within the Sacramento area until decades later. Meanwhile, there are independent moving companies such as Yolo Transfer who have been trusted to move in Sacramento since all the way back in 1973. That’s a lot of loading and unloading. Now, experience doesn’t always perfectly equate to a good move, but it is a good indicator that the crew knows what they are doing and the entire team understands what good moving takes.

How to Move with a Two Men and a Truck Alternative

As you plan for your move, you may be wondering what your next step is. You’ve done your research and found great, independently owned Sacramento movers, but now what? Once you have a shortlist of potential movers in hand, you can request your quotes. We suggest getting three quotes in total so that you can feel confident in the price you get. To learn more about the moving process, check out our Buyer’s Guide to a Successful Relocation.