How to Choose Sacramento Movers

There is no shortage of movers in Sacramento, but how do you find a moving company that is trustworthy, delivers top-notch service, and charges fair prices? With every company fighting for your attention, it’s easy to get confused if you don’t know how to sift through the noise. We’ve gathered our 50 years of experience to put together the steps below. Follow them and choose a Sacramento moving company with confidence.

1. Get Detailed with Google Search

Vague and simple search terms will return results that won’t be tailored to you. Instead of searching for “moving companies near me” or “best moving companies,” use phrases specific to your type of move. Some phrases to consider include:
  • Sacramento to Nevada Mover
  • Local Movers
  • Move Office to Sacramento
  • Sacramento Senior Moving Companies
  • Fine Art Mover
When you use specific phrases in your search, you are going to increase the chance of finding the moving company offering exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Verify Licenses & Insurance

A legitimate Sacramento mover will be fully licensed and insured. This shows they can legally operate as a moving company and be held accountable for missing or damaged items during your move. Confirm the credentials of Sacramento movers by checking for their US DOT number on their site and double checking on the official USDOT site. Keep the US DOT number in a safe place in the event you have to file a claim.

3. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are a good way to get a look into the kind of moving company you’re dealing with. Be aware that all review sites aren’t created equal. When scrolling through online reviews, look for:
  • A minimum of 10 total reviews. It’s hard to trust the experiences of three or four people.
  • How the company responds to negative comments. Do they argue or do they try to improve? This will tell you a lot about how they will treat you.
  • Average total score of the reviews.
With a sense of how a moving company operates and treats customers, you’ll know which movers you want to work with and which ones to pass on.

4. Check the Mover’s Complaint History

While some sites allow negative reviews to be wiped away, The Federal Movers Database contains everything you want to know about a company, including the number of complaints filed against a company per year and the types of complaints.

5. Confirm Certifications

Every moving company is going to tell you how skilled and experienced they are. Instead of taking them at their word, consider only working with companies that are certified ProMovers, a program run by the American Trucking Association: Moving & Storage Conference, as well as the California Moving & Storage Association. Certified ProMovers have been background checked and are held to some of the highest industry standards.

6. Ask Questions

Don’t keep questions or concerns to yourself, if there’s a moving service or policy you want to know more about, give the company a call. When you call, take notice of whether or not they answer your questions and how they answer them. The way they speak to potential clients will show how much they value customer satisfaction. Moving in Sacramento can take a lot of energy – you’ll want to be working with a company that is friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful.

7. Request Three Moving Estimates

Resist the urge to go with the first moving company that checks all the boxes you have. Request an estimate – which should always be free – but request estimates from at least two more movers anyway. By going the extra mile, you’ll ensure that you are getting the best quality services at the best prices for you. If they truly value your business, they may even price match. Either way, you’ll have the peace of mind that your due diligence has set you up for a successful move.

Choose a Sacramento Mover You Can Trust

Although it may feel like finding a Sacramento moving company is a lengthy process, it is nothing compared to partnering with a nightmare company that scams you during one of the most important times in your life. Set aside some time to research using these steps and you’ll find the perfect moving company.