Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage

Looking for storage solutions or movers in Metropolitan Sacramento?

Yolo Transfer Moving and Storage has a wide variety of short and long term storage solutions in our climate controlled, 24-hour surveilled warehouse.

Whether you are storing household goods or business items, we offer high quality services at a competitive price for the Metropolitan Sacramento area.

Our goal is to ensure that your valuables are transported without any scratches or dents to our storage unit. We offer transport of your possessions to and from our warehouse.

All your items will be kept within a secure, indoor facility. You can feel confident knowing that your possessions are well-protected and safe from damage from any harsh weather conditions.

Your items will be wrapped and secured, ensuring that they will be safe during the duration of your service.

We are local movers that specialize in moving household goods to and from your home. No need to keep looking for “warehouse storage near me” – we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of your items’ storage duration, you will be guaranteed climate-controlled storage. To will preserve the quality of your possessions and alleviate worries about weather-related damage.

Short-Term Warehouse Storage Services

Oftentimes items need to be stored for a short period of time. This could be due to a home renovation or a real estate related home walk through.

This is a perfect opportunity to set aside your household items aside in our climate-controlled, secure storage warehouse.

Do not let your valuables get ruined during a home renovation, instead you can be confident that they are being well preserved in our warehouse.

Long-Term Warehouse Storage Services

Are you moving overseas for work? Downsizing your home?

Long term storage solutions give you the wiggle room you need to lighten your inventory while also providing peace of mind.

We offer flexible storage contracts that can change alongside your plans.

Our moving specialists will give you a rundown of your options and will help you pick the one that works best for your specific needs. We offer full consultation services to ensure your moving and storage plan is tailored just for you.

Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage Solutions

Climate-controlled storage is the best way to protect your valuable possessions in a warehouse environment.

Exposure to extreme heat, cold, or humidity can cause sensitive items to become weathered and damaged.

Some items that benefit from climate-controlled storage include:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Electric household appliances
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • Special collections including baseball cards and stamps

Climate-controlled storage maintains a unit’s indoor temperature between 55-85°F year-round and maintains a consistent humidity level. This is beneficial for maintaining furniture made of wood due to the propensity for wood to crack and warp when exposed to moisture.

While Sacramento weather is generally temperate, extreme heat tends to occur during the summer months. Vinyl, wine, and electronics can get severely damaged in such heat. Climate-controlled storage mitigates this concern.

Our warehouse crew can advise you on the best way to store your items, including properly wrapping and boxing them to ensure that no pests can enter and jeopardize your possessions.

Warehouse Storage in Woodland, CA

Our full-service storage facility is in nearby Woodland, CA. Whether you want to drop off your items with us, or you need special assistance picking them up from your home or office, our moving team can assist.

Local and long distance moves can both elicit the need to use a storage facility for household goods. We understand that your valuables are precious to you, and we can assure you that they will be safe with us.

Your items will be tracked and recorded into our inventory management system. We can track your items and pull them out of your storage space whenever you need them.

Why Warehouse Storage?

If your home or business is cluttered with extra items that you’d like to keep hold of, renting a storage area makes a ton of sense.

The choice between self-storage or warehouse storage centers on how you plan to access those items once they’ve been stored.

If your move is only temporary, one of the advantages of warehouse storage is being able to maximize available space for your inventory. This is especially helpful for small business owners with a project underfoot.

Warehousing units typically have 15 to 20-foot ceilings in which you can store odd-shaped equipment when your items fail to fit the space a self-storage unit can’t provide.

The mainstay of any warehouse storage is the space it uses. No matter how big (or small) or how much space you have to work with, your inventory will always be a top priority.

Choosing the right storage can truly make all the difference. With our high-quality, climate-controlled units, Yolo Transfer & Storage can meet or exceed your storage setting at a cost that’s beneficial to you!

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